How to Restore

Alike all other electronic devices, there are chances that your iPhone may malfunction. It may be for any reason, may it be its cache memory, an app may be crashing, overusing, trying to install software illegally. In all these cases, to bring your iPhone to function properly, you may reset or restore iPhone.

Malfunctioning is just one reason to reset your device, there could be a few others like you wish to sell your iPhone, restore it to factory settings, update your iPhone OS with a fresh start etc. So whatever may be the reason, here are some ways by which you can factory reset or restore your iPhone.

But before you perform this task, make sure to back-up your data on iCloud or via iTunes on a computer. This is because, once you reset your iPhone or even iPad for that matter, as there is no way by which you can get back the deleted data.

How to restore iPhone from iCloud without resetting?

There are a lot of ways to restore iPhone, and one among the ways is to do it through iCloud. But before you reset, you should take a back-up, so that you can recover your data back. And to do so, follow the steps given below.

  1. 1) Go to settings
  2. 2) Go to the menu at the top
  3. 3) Go to iCloud and then click “iCloud backup” and then start a new backup.

How to restore iPhone without passcode?

While updating or restoring your iPhone from iTunes, you do not need a passcode. You can actually connect your iPhone or iPad to iTunes and click on restore your iPhone so restore iPhone without passcode.

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