How To Reset
Outlook Password?

Microsoft Outlook is an application that is used to send and receive emails. With Microsoft Outlook, you can manage various types of data (personal) such as appointments in the calendar, tasks to consider, contacts and notes and much more.

Microsoft Outlook facilitates you with multiple features. You can also refer to Microsoft Outlook to access the Microsoft Exchange Server email. Companies use Microsoft Outlook to get connected and share information. You and your company can also integrate Outlook with Microsoft’s share point platform to share documents, project notes, share information with colleagues, send reminders and much more.

Microsoft Outlook is a part of Microsoft Office Suite, but it can also be used as an individual application. In order to access your Outlook application, you have to set a password. You can also reset outlook password as per your convenience. You cannot set a password for your entire Outlook application; you can only set a password your Outlook Data File.

Important: If you forget your email account password, you will not be able to reset outlook password with your email provider. In this situation, you have to contact your email provider for assistance. The technician team or the assistant will provide you with the measures to reset outlook password. You can get connected to the technician or assistant via toll-free number or the email details provided on the official website.

Caution: In case you have set a password on your Outlook Data File (.pst), and forget the password, there is no way you can reset outlook password.

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