Reset Computer –
How to
Factory Reset Computer

If your Windows PC isn’t working properly or showing glitches, you have an option to reset computer to bring it to the factory default settings without having risks of data loss or apps installed in your desktop. You can back up your personal data, files, bank details, videos, music, images before you pull the plug because reset computer option will wipe out everything on your hard drives.

How to reset Windows 10 isn’t a matter of computer science, even an 8th grade student can reset your windows 10 without technical assistance. Windows 10 requires formatting your hard drive, which means you will lose whatever data you have stored in your computer except a fresh factory reset option Windows 10 install.

In Addition

Please note, if you click “reset”, you won’t be able to revoke the move. In fact, you should consult your friends or any expert before making such a move.

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