How to reset Apple Watch
to the Factory settings
without losing data?

There are countless reasons due to which you might want to delete everything and reset your Apple Watch. The reason could be anything from selling your watch on, to fix an error, or you just want to refresh your watch or free some internal storage memory. The steps to reset your Apple watch are always the same.

Apple has occupied the top position in the tech industry since “Steve Jobs” came to power. The company is a dominating force in the tech market even today after his untimely passing. The tech developers of Apple have made it ridiculously simple for end-users to reboot their digital wristwatch and bring its settings back to its normal state. We have dedicated this article to help walk you through the exact process and highlighted any issue you may encounter during the implementation.

Be warned though, going through this mode will lead to the deletion of data stored in the watch’s memory bank. Don’t worry, you’ll be prompted to back up your data manually, or Apple will automatically back up your data before you hit the “reset” button.

Be sure that if you are using Apple Watch 3 or Apple watch 4 with LTE and an attached data plan, resetting the watch will terminate that connection. Therefore, you’ll have to go through your Network Provider to get reconnected.

Please Note: it won’t unpair your watch from your Apple account


Get your Apple watch back to its normal state along with backing up your data by following the above steps. Also, if you want to erase all the data manually, that won’t take much longer. In case, you are having trouble while following the steps, you can seek expert guidance from Customer Support for free.

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