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Apple id Password –
Apple id Password Reset

If you face error while trying to sign in to your Apple account, it might happen due to the loss of ID password or network issues. In this case, you need to perform Apple ID Password Reset to regain access to your account.

Remember that your Apple ID is your personal Apple account that enables you to shop the iTune stores, buy an app, Sign in to iCloud, and a lot more. If you forget your Apple ID password, you will be shunned to access any of the services.

How to Reset Apple ID Password will require you to have email address of your Apple ID.

What if I don’t have my Apple ID?

Well, it rarely happens that forgot both your password and Apple ID. To access your Apple account, you need both. If you have Apple ID, then you can reset Apple ID Password.

However, if you have none, then you need to retrieve your Apple ID first to reset Apple ID Password, and then access your account.

  1. 1) Look into your iCloud, or iTune or App Store settings to retrieve your Apple ID.

If you are using iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, then follow the instruction to retrieve Apple ID:

With “iCloud”   

Tap “Settings” > [Your Name]

On iOS 10 or later versions, tap Settings > “iCloud”

With iTune and App Stores

Tap “Settings” > [Your Name] > iTune & App Store.

On iOS 10 or later versions, tap “Settings” >iTunes & App Store

How to reset Apple ID Password?

Steps to reset Apple ID Password may vary depending upon the type of security you are using for your Apple ID. For Instance, if you’re prompted to verify your phone number, then use the steps for two-factor authentication.

You may choose from any of the following options to reset Apple ID Password.

  1. 1) Two Factor Authentication
  2. 2) Email, Password and security question
  3. 3) Two-step verification

This information will only imply if you are using iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Follow the steps to reset Apple ID Password:

iPhone recovery mode

If you do not understand the iPhone passcode, and not have a backup then the information on the iPhone will be erased and lost forever. There’s no manner around that, not even Apple will unlock an iPhone and access the information in such a state of affairs. Thus, the lesson is don’t forget a tool passcode, and forever keep regular backups!

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