Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is envisioned to help you clearly and easily understand the following:

  1. 1) Personal details
  2. 2) Payment details
  3. 3) System information
  4. 4) Information regarding remote access
  5. 5) Informational security
  6. 6) Cookies

The privacy policy of describes the methods through which your personal information is being used. We hold all the rights to change the information present here at any time without informing you.

Personal Details

To get help in resetting your device or passwords you are required to fill up a registration form. In this form, you must provide the correct details about your identity. It may be collected to inform you about the renewal/re-registration notifications, and special offers that we provide to our customers. You may also note that your information is collected at various points according to the need of the hour.

Payment Detail collects your credit/debit card information because it is necessary to complete a successful payment procedure so that you can process your resetting request.

System Information

You may be enquired about your system specifications such as model number, Operating System, only if it is required for the resetting purpose. The system specifications are is generally collected to offer personalized, and correct technical support.

Remote Access

At times, we might need to take remote access to your computer if your problem is complex in nature. It is also important that you keep in mind, that we do not use any Remote Access tools to collect any financial, sensitive or confidential information stored on your computer.

Information Security

The information collected is kept securely and can only is accessed by authorized employees. Preventive measures are being taken to protect users’ personal and financial information. Hence, we use effective encryption software to collect sensitive information such as credit card numbers, etc. Your right to confidentiality is respected and recognized. We are deemed to protect and safeguard the privacy of the users. Under no circumstances, we shall provide, sell, loan, or rent your information to any other third-party service provider.


While using our website, you might come across cookies which in no way are linked to any personally identifiable information

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