How to perform
Netsh Winsock reset?

Before discussing the procedure to perform Netsh Winsock reset, let us first discuss what it actually is? It is a common troubleshooting step for resolving certain problems with your PC such as networking issues etc. Netsh Winsockreset command is a prompt program to reset Netsh Winsock reset catalog back to its factory settings.

If you are a Windows user, then your Windows socket which is Winsock should work properly in order to make a program go online. To perform Netsh Winsock reset all you are required to do is run a simple Command Prompt command. Whenever you feel that your Windows is having a problem while connecting to the Internet or some other networking issues then you must perform Netsh winsock reset.

Is Netsh Winsock reset safe?

If you are worried that Netsh Winsock reset will pose any problem to your system while using this, then the answer is no. And, yes Winsock reset is completely safe to use because it resolves our network connectivity problems in not time. The most important thing to keep in mind while using Netsh Winsock reset is that you should be certain about the cause of the connection problem first and then use it.

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