How to Reset Macbook – Reset Macbook Computer

To reset MacBook or any other Mac device is involves a process that in essence requires you to turn on and start the machine in a Recovery Mode, erasing the hard drive and using the Disk Utility and finally reinstalling macOS. However, if you are making a decision to pass on your old Mac device to a friend or family, selling your Mac device or simply looking for a solution to fix your misbehaving Apple device, ten in such cases you do need to reset your Mac devices.

how to reset macbook

Fortunately, it is super easy to remove all the data and contents from your MacBook before you sell it or pass it on to others. It is very important for you to know how to reset MacBook as it will help you to safeguard your data open to identity theft. You should always keep in mind that in case you are passing on your old Mac, you should remove your personal information and sensitive data. However, removing such data alone isn’t enough- you also need to make sure that there is a working version of MacOS installed after the wiping process is complete for the next person or owner to use.

How to reset MacBook?

You can reset your MacBook in case you have forgotten the password or you want to save and wipe off all your data so that you can sell the Mac devices to other users. To reset MacBook you need to follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. You have to make sure that you are connected to the internet so that you are able to download the latest copy of your Mac operating system and able to run in your computing machine. This is mostly the MacOS Mojave, but for an older Mac, you need to have an older version of Mac OS, whichever is compatible with your device.
  2. You should either back up your Mac using Time Machine or you can clone your internal hard drive to an external drive and for this, you can use applications like Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper. The cloning will enable you to access all your old files. Moreover, the drive can e re-cloned to the internal drive, if in case you want to restore your MacBook.
  3. Now, you have to de-authorize you iTunes sore account.

NOTE: – You should also de-authorize any third-party applications, such as Photoshop, etc.

  1. You have to Sign out and disable your iCloud application.
  2. Now, restart your MacBook in the Recovery Mode and press ‘Command’ and the ‘R’ key during the restart process.
  3. You now have to use the ‘Disk Utility’ option to erase the hard drive. For this, click on Disk Utility>’Continue’ option> select the main volume option>and finally select the Quit Disk Utility option.
  4. Now, click on the Reinstall MacOS option and click Continue. Follow the instructions to reinstall MacOS visible on-screen.

What are the troubleshooting steps if error occurs in resetting MacBook?

To reset Macbook can serve a number of purposes. Resetting your MacBook means a process of clearing out your computing device and starting all over again. However, you might face some errors while you reset  MacBook.  You can follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below in case you encounter such problems:-

  1. Check your internet connection
  2. Create a Back-up for your files and important documents
  3. You should boot into the internet recovery
  4. Now, open the ‘Disk Utility’
  5. Partitioning the hard drive
  6. Formatting the hard drive
  7. And finally reinstalling the Mac OS

By summing up:-

You can say, if you are planning to sell off your MacBook or any Mac device, you need to play safe, secure all your valuable data with a backup, and then reset MacBook so that those who want your data to misuse cannot access your data.