How to Install
Windows 7?

Windows 7 is nearing its end, but that hasn’t discouraged people from using it. Microsoft is all set to end Windows 7 in just a few months time by ending security patches and support for the OS. But the diehards of Windows 7 still want to install Windows 7 on their devices.

There are several reasons why people are refusing to dump Windows 7. Dumping off Windows 7 can be annoying for large businesses that have already installed Windows 7 across their systems. For individual users, Windows 7 offers familiarity and simplicity that other versions of Windows do not have. Some users may have had a bad experience with Windows 8’s failed touch-focused experiment that introduced the tile interface which can be seen on Windows 10 as well.

Windows 7 offers everything you want in an OS – Programs load and run quickly, your computer never crashes, and the system mostly stays out of your way. It also gets along well with a wide range of third-party margins, offering quick, easy connectivity to printers, music players, and other gadgets of all sorts along with helping you in navigating through an overcrowded screen.

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