How to reset Netgear router?

The router has become a very useful networking device that helps to distribute the internet into multiple devices. Using a router will help you to distribute the internet to many other recipients. There are different types of routers available in the market with various benefits from different brands. Among all the other ones, Netgear routers are known to be very popular for providing a good connection.

While the device is helpful, setting up the device is quite hard. From the range of the internet to selecting bands many different options are there. So, once the router is ready to use and set perfectly, no one wants to change the set-ups frequently. But what happens when there are problems that come into play? You can try to troubleshoot the issue but most of the time, the obvious option is doing a reset.

Now, there are many different types of reset options such as hard reset using the reset key, soft reset, resetting the username and password, and others. It depends on the issue and model number of the router of Netgear.  Some common problems of Netgear routers include

  • The routed is not connected to the access page
  • The settings are not right and need adjusting
  • Very low power supply
  • Power cord problems
  • External damages

If any of them happens, you need to know what are the different processes of resetting Netgear routers to get the last solution from your troubles.

  • Soft Reset Using Dashboard

The most chosen option to reset the router is the soft reset as it helps to get the issues fixed and has fewer complications compared to other ones. You will be able to reset it very easily following some of the easy steps. It will work in most of the Netgear router models including Netgear Nighthawk R6700, Netgear router n300, and others. First, connect the router to your computer using a modem and open a browser on your computer.

Go to the default IP address of the router, which is and, or you can also visit www.routerlogin.net. After visiting the page, enter username and password to log in and find the maintenance tab in the settings menu. Click on “Erase” to clear all the backup settings, which will help you to get the default option. After the process is done, click on the reboot option in the diagnostics tab. Follow this process to perform a soft reset using the Netgear router dashboard.

  • Reset The Username and Password

Many times people forget the username and password of their router. The only way to get out of this situation is by choosing to reset the username and password on the Netgear router. This process is available in router devices like Netgear Nighthawk R7000P, Netgear Orbi RBK50, and many more. To start this process, open the browser and go to www.routerlogin.net, click on password recovery, and provide your username. You will need to provide the serial number of the router and click on continue to start the process. Once it starts, you will have to give answers to the questions that you have saved previously.

After answering them correctly, you will be redirected to a page where you can enter the new password. You will be able to reset the password on the Netgear router successfully by following this process. You will have to hard reset the router if you get a prompt like “Netgear router password recovery not working when recovering the password.

If you want to reset the password on Netgear wireless router, then you have to follow the same process as above. However, if you are unable to recover, here is the process of hard reset given below.

  • Hard Reset or Factory Reset

This is known to be the last resort that is used when all different methods are closed to solve problems. You can use the hard reset process in your Netgear routers if you want to get back the default settings. While factory reset does not reset many different things of the router, a hard reset will erase all the credentials and previous settings of the router.

However, here is the process of a factory reset or hard reset starting with checking the router to find the reset button. Yes, you can hard reset the Netgear router using a button or key, and it is available in most of the Netgear routers such as Netgear router c3700, Netgear R608. In most of the models, you will be able to get the reset key at the backside.

Turn on the router, try to find thin paper folds or other things that can enter the small hole. Hold the key with the paper for more than 45 seconds and release it. After that, the process will be done, and you will be successful to reset Netgear router to factory settings.


How do I reboot my Netgear router?

You will be able to reboot your router by visiting the settings page in a browser. Give username and password and enter the website to find the reboot options in the information area.

Where is the reset button on the Netgear router?

The “Reset” button is placed on the backside of the router in a small hole. You will have to take the help of a paper clip or other things to press the button from outside.

What will happen if I press the WPS button on my Netgear router?

Pressing the WPS button will allow any devices to connect the network without any password. Your wifi will stop working if you do not have the hardware to support WPS as it clicking on it changes SSID and Password.

Is resetting your router bad?

If you are having issues, then you can reset your router but doing it without any issues can delete all your settings, passwords, and other data.

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