How to Reset HP Printer to factory reset?

Printers are one of the essential components of a computer that help people to convert anything from soft to hard copy using a paper. HP is known to be the pioneer of making printers, and they have been providing their services to customers for a long time now. The Hp printer has many different settings that you need to set based on the link you are using, the paper you are using, and other things. HP is very well known for providing separate options for reset like they even have the hp printer ink cartridge secret reset button available on many models. So, setting them up is not very hard if you are using a printer for some time but it can be quite hard for people who are new to it.

Reset HP Printer

A big relief is that you can always use the factory reset button to reset the printer and set up again as a new one. The factory reset is used as a last resort to get the printer working again and fix issues like paper error, internet error. However, resetting the printer is not as easy as the HP printer password reset, you will have to go through some troubleshooting steps to reset the printer. Here is the detailed guide of the HP Printer factory reset to get the settings back to normal.

Note – Factory reset does not reset some of the settings on your HP printer like resetting the page count, language, tray size, and others.

HP Printer Factory Reset guide

The steps might differ based on which model of HP printer you have because all of them have different settings and slightly different factory reset procedures. So, if you want to do a factory reset to your printer, then you have to use different methods.

  • Method – 1

This method is available in HP Envy Printer, HP Officejet Printer, and many other models. First, turn on your printer and look at the screen to find the setup icon on the display. Click on the setup button to open the sub-options that include preferences, power handling, tools, and others. You have to tap on “tools” to get the option of restore factory defaults.

Upon clicking on factory reset, you will get a confirmation pop up that if you want to continue or not. Click on “yes” to proceed, and start the restoration process. After clicking on yes, the printer will restart, and it might take several minutes to get on again. When the printer is on, you will be able to get the settings back to default.

In most of the HP printers, you will be able to factory reset from settings from options with a drop-down menu. However, there are other HP printers that do not contain the factory reset option on the menu that requires more work to reset them.

  • Method – 2

If you do not have any factory reset option available in the settings, then you will need to factory reset the printer manually to fix issues like HP printer out of paper reset, and others. For models like HP Deskjet Printers, you will need to use this method for factory reset. First, turn your printer off and disconnect the cable from the switch to cut the power and wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute and reconnect the power cord with the printer and turn it on. When the printer is powering up, you will need to press and hold the button “Resume” for nearly 20-30 seconds. You will know when it has worked successfully as the attention light will turn on. After the attention light is on, you can stop pressing the resume button. Both the attention and ready light will start a circle, which indicates that the printer is resetting to factory defaults.

Using these methods will prevent you from reset hp printer spooler, and others separately. It will help you to reset all the things at once in a short time.


How do I connect my HP printer to a new WIFI?

You need to know the network name of the wifi and password. Go to the control panel of the printer and click on the wireless icon to get settings or go to the Network menu. You will get the Wireless Setup Wizard, select it to get the list of available wifi in the area, and connect with one.

Is there a reset button on HP printers?

No, there is no available reset button in HP printers. You will have to go to settings or reset the printer manually.

Where are my printer settings?

You can search for printers in windows and go to the properties of the printer by right-clicking on the icon. Go to the advanced tab, and you will get many different setting options available for your printer.

Why do printers need to be reset?

Printers are often needed to reset to fix different issues like link problems, page problems, tray problems, internet unavailable error, the printer stopped working error, and many others. Reset is known to be the last resort to fix all problems at once.

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